About the 3M™ Smart Drinking Water Purifier 

It is the responsible way to drink pure water, without wasting a single drop of water or using electricity. It gives you 99.99% Bacteria free water using proprietary IMPACT Technology.

3M™ Smart Drinking Water System is a Unique under the sink unit that uses proprietary IMPACT Technology to deliver 99.99% Bacteria free water without wasting a single drop of water. The system comes with a dedicated 3M Faucet and a Smart Cartridge indicator to indicate the life of the cartridge.

Features & Benefits

The system provides 2 stages of Filtration – Pre Filtration (Uses premium pleated membrane that reduces dirt, rust and particulate matter) and Fine Filtration (Integrated Membrane with Pre Activated Carbon Technology integrates patented pahrmaceutical grade membrane with pre-activated 3M Carbon block to remove 99.99% of all water borne bacteria, cysts and volatie organic components.

Dedicated 3M Faucet

With an LED Indicator shows red when quality of water deteriorates. Now you can be sure of the water quality while drinking it.

Smart Cartridge indicator

Indicates the life of both cartidges individually through a visual and audio indicator.