Astral Ultradrain

ASTRAL ULTRADRAIN pipes are manufactured as per IS:13592 in both ringfit & selfit with two different class named as ”TYPE A” & ”TYPE B”. TYPE A pipes are recommended for use in ventilation and rain water application while TYPE B pipes are recommended for soil and waste discharge applications. Pipes are available in all sizes in different lengths with single socket and double socket.

ASTRAL ULTRADRAIN fittings both grooved ring and pasting types are manufactured as per IS:14735. They are available in full range starting from 75 mm to 160 mm and are fully compatible with ASTRAL ULTRADRAIN pipes.

Grooved ring type fittings are self socketed with groove to hold the rubber ring. The grooves are made on highly accurate online socketing machines that give highest quality and performance satisfaction.

Pasting type fittings are self socketed on highly automatic machines. These fittings are to be joined with solvent cement.


  •  UV Stabilized
  •  High Flow Rates – No Choking
  •  Versatile And Elegant
  •  Quick & Easy Installations
  •  High chemical and corrosion resistant
  •  Stronger, resilient and longer lasting
  •  High standards and wide range
  •  Elegant
  •  Cost effective
  •  Non conductive
  •  Environment friendly

75 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm, 160 mm (Type A & B) groove and pasting type.




ASTRAL ULTRADRAIN piping system will undergo thermal expansion and contraction like any other thermoplastic materials. The thermal expansion & contraction depends on the co-efficient of thermal expansion (5.4 × 10¯5 mm / mm /ºC for PVC), length of piping and temperature difference encountered by the piping. Normally for drainage & sewerage system temperature difference of atmosphere will effect more to thermal movement of piping rather than effluent temperatures as full bore discharges are normally not happened for prolong time and also these discharges are periodic in nature. Still expansion & contraction issue needs to be addressed. For solvent weld systems. change in direction, offset or expansion loops are recommended while for ring-fit joining systems specially designed rubber rings and proper joining of pipes and fittings will take care of length change. Please refer joining method section of this catalog for more details.

•  Take all reasonable care when handling ASTRAL ULTRADRAIN uPVC pipes particulary in very cold conditions when the impact strength of the material is reduced.
•  Do not throw or drop pipes, or drag them along hard surgaces.
•  In case of mechanical handling, use protective slings and padded supports. Metal chains and hooks should not make direct contact with the pipe.

•  Stack pipe lengths:
•  either on a flat base
•  or on level ground
•  or on 75mm × 75mm timber at 1 meter maximum centers
•  Provide side support with 75mm wide battens at 1m centres (as show in figure)
•  Ideally, stacks should contain one diameter pipe size only. Where this is not possible, stack largest diameter pipes at base of stack. Small pipes may be nested inside larger pipes.
•  Store all materials in well ventilated, shady conditions.
•  If stored in the open for long periods or exposed to strong sunlight, cover the stack with opaque sheeting.
•  Store fittings under cover. Do not remove from cartons or packaging until required.
•  Store solvent cement and cleaning fluid in a cool place out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source.

  • High chemical and corrosion resistance UV stabilized
  • Cost effective
  • High standards and wide range
  • Stronger, resilient and longer lasting
  • High flow rates – no choking
  • Elegant
  • Quick and convenient installation