Astral DWV

ASTRAL DWV systems comprises of uPVC foam core pipes and uPVC click ring type fittings. Both the products are new and unique in nature when compared with traditional products available in market.

DWV Foamcore pipes are basically multilayer pipes having outer and inner layers of conventional PVC and middle layer of foamed PVC. Outer and inner layers are designed to take the load while middle layer of foamed PVC gives rigidity and maintains the shape of the pipe under load. It reduces total weight of pipe and makes it light when compared to solid wall PVC pipes.

ASTRAL DWV pipes and fittings are intended for use above and below ground including exposure to direct sunlight and are manufactured as per requirements given in most widely used Europeon & International standards for drainage & sewerage.

ASTRAL DWV pipes and fittings are manufactured in dark grey colour in a semi gloss finish which is opaque and flawless.  All DWV pipes and fittings are marked with Batch No. / Lot No. which includes the month / year of manufacture.  applications. The pipes and fittings are inteded for non pressure drain, waste & vent applications and have been independently accessed and recognised as quality products.

Click ring fittings are unique in nature having one rubber ring and one additional ring known as ”Click ring” which is fitted over the specially designed socket geometry of ASTRAL DWV sewer & drain fittings. This ”Click ring” ensures the locking of rubber ring within the groove of fittings. The rubber rings are also specially designed having unique geometry and PP cord inside which provides the proper locking to rubber ring and also stiffness against the force of Click ring when fitted over the drain fittings.

Light Weight & Strong
Reduction In Noise Level
High Impact Strength
High Temperature Range
Leakage Elimination
High Flow Rates
Longer Service Life
Cost Savings

75 mm, 110 mm, 160 mm with stiffness class SN2, SN4 and SN8




uPVC has a coefficient of linear expansion of 5.4 × 10 mm / ºC. This means that 1 metre length of uPVC pipe will expand approximately 0.54 mm for each 10ºC rise or fall in temperature. However due to short duration of most effluent flows and the slow temperature response of the material, the greatest thermal movement take place due to variation in environmental temperature rather than the effect of hot effluent discharge. Successful accommodation of thermal movement is dependent on the controlled direction and distribution of this movement. Specially designed rubber seal rings and gap of 10 mm while joining pipe and fitting will take care of length change in most of the cases. However, expansion loops, change in direction or offsets can also be accommodated in the system to overcome expansion and contraction issued.

Support Spacing For Astral DWV

While ASTRAL uPVC Foamcore pipes are light and easy to handle, careless handling can cause unnecessary damage. Pipes and fittings should not be dropped or thrown onto hard surfaces or allowed to come into contact with sharp objects that could inflict deep scratches. Foamcore pipes should not be allowed to slide across sharp edges.

• Pipes can distort under high applied loads due to pipes not been properly supported or stacked too high or incorrectly. This can be aggravated if the pipes are hot.

• Heat sources should be avoided to reduce the risk of distortion.

• If pipes or fitting are to be stored outdoors for prolonged period they should be protected, by for example, hessian or white PE sheet in a manner that allows ventilation and avoids heat build-up.

• Pipes heated on one side by direct sunlight might tend to bow. This process is reversible and the bow can be eliminated by exposing the other side to the sunlight or otherwise allowing the temperature to become consistent before laying the pipe.

Temporary storage in the fields where racks are not provided, can be in stacks on the ground, providing this surface is level and free from loose stones or other sharp projections.

Socketed pipes should be stacked in layers with sockets placed at alternative ends of the rack, and protruding, to avoid uneven stacks and distortion. The sockets should not be load bearing. Another acceptable approach is to have alternate layers pipes facing in the same direction.

Racks for long term storage are recommended and should preferably provide continuous support, but if this is not possible then supports of at least 75mm bearing widths at 1m centres (max) should be placed beneath the pipes. Side restraints should be placed at centres not exceeding 1.5m and stacks should not exceed 1m in height.

• Ideally, stacks should contain one diameter pipe size only. Where this is not possible, stack largest diameter pipes at base of stack. Small pipes may be nested inside larger pipes.

• Store all materials in well ventilated, shady conditions.

• Store fittings under cover. Do not remove from cartons or packaging until required.

• Store solvent cement and cleaning fluid in a cool place out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source.


ASTRAL DWV Foamcore pipes are light in weight compared to solid wall pipes and give more strength compared to solid wall pipes due to their unique multilayer construction.

Due to the middle layer of foamed PVC, ASTRAL DWV Foamcore pipes have very good insulating properties which act to reduce the noise generated by transportation of fluid inside the pipe. This will be very much beneficial in large buildings.

Due to the middle layer of foamed PVC, ASTRAL DWV Foamcore pipes can take very high impact compared to solid wall pipes & can reduce the problems of cracking & breaking of pipes while transportation, handling & Installation.

ASTRAL DWV Foamcore pipes can be used for high temperatures compare to solid wall pipes as the foamed layer can withstand high temperatures.

Extremely smooth bores, precision joints and lack of internal projections ensure unrivaled hydraulic capacity over the total life of the system. Flatter gradients can be possible using ASTRAL DWV uPVC drainage systems over conventional systems.

uPVC does not support combustion and is inherently difficult to ignite. It also stops burning once the source of heat is removed.

uPVC is a non conductor of electricity, and is therefore not subject to galvanic or electrolytic action.

The inert nature of uPVC drainage system provide complete corrosion resistance and renders wrapping, coating and lining unnecessary. It also ensures that uPVC drain waste and vent pipes have long operational life compare to conventional asbestos or cast iron systems.

ASTRAL DWV system comprises of Foamcore pipes & click ring type fittings. Both the products are weather resistant, corrosion resistant, excellent in cushions. effect and ideally suited for sewer & drain applications. These benefits makes ASTRAL “DWV” system most favorable in term of service life.

ASTRAL DWV piping system can greatly speed up the installation work as they are light in weight, easy to handle and convenient in fixing. The spacing of manholes can be increased due to greatly reduced incidence of blockages and increased flow rates possible with ASTRAL DWV System. reduction in their number makes sound economic sense. All these benefits will lead to very high cost savings when compare to conventional piping system like asbestos or Cast Iron with respect to manpower, material and total time for completion of project work.

ASTRAL DWV system is UV stabilized which gives protection to the system while being operational in direct sun light.

PVC has a lower feedstock energy especially compared to other polymers and common building materials. It is the least energy intensive of all thermoplastics. In life cycle analyses and independent studies, PVC’s environmental impact has been found most favorable, so the more usage of PVC will greatly help to keep our global natural resources intake for longer period of time. It is not polluting air, water or land during manufacturing or service life and can be recycled after prolonged service life.

The excellent chemical resistance of uPVC pipes to acids, alkalis, oxidising and redcing agents makes it particularly suitable for a wide range of drain applications. uPVC pipes are resistance to all of the chemicals expected to be encountered in drain & waste application.