About the 3M™ Bacto-Free 

The system gives you 99.99% bacteria free water throughout your home. Now be assured of the quality of water throughout the house. The perfect solution for your home water that treats hardness, chlorine taste and odour and bacteria to give you perfect quality water throughout the house.

3M™ Bacto-Free is a whole house water purification system. Installed at the source of water in the house, it provides 99.99% Bacteria Free water throughout the house, while also treating water hardness and chlorine taste and odour in water. Simple to install and easy to use, this is a one stop solution to revolutionizng the way you consume water from any tap in the house.

Features & Benefits

The system provides 3 stages of filtration: Pre Filter Wrap (Removes all impurities above 5 Micron to protect inner membranes), Premium Pleated Membrane(Removes 99.99% bacteria and cysts with minimal pressure drop, includes superior particulate-holding capabilities), Premium Carbon Block (Pre-Activated Carbon Block uses catalysis to remove chlorine taste and odour)


Patented Sanitary Quick Change Mechanism helps change cartridge in 10 seconds.


NSF and/FDA CFR-21 Compliant Materials used throughout.