About the 3M™ Appliance Protection System

It protects your washing machines, geysers and dishwashers from hard water stains/scaling to ensure that the appliances last longer. The perfect solution to hard water scaling issues on your vessels, and clothes.

3M™ Appliance Protection System is a simple to install hardness treatment system that uses unique sequestering technology to prevent scaling on the internal parts of the water using appliances. A 1/8″ Build up of Scale on pipes can increase energy costs by upto 27%. Prevention of scale buildup as mentioned by this unit ensures better efficiency of the appliance and a longer life.

Features & Benefits

The system is made specifically to improve the life of all your water using appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, geyser, etc.) by using sequestering technology which contains food grade scale inhibitor media.

Food Grade Media for Sequestering

Uses tasteless, odourless, colourless and FDA approved food grade media for sequesteringe

FDA Approved

Manufactured from FDA-CFR 21 compliant materials

Stainless Steel Head

Comes with strong stainless steel head.