Safe-Kitchen (1)-1

About the 3M™ SafeKitchen 

Why use a drinking water system, when you can drink from any tap in your kitchen, while cooking, washing vegetables and cleaning with water that is treated for hardness as well. The perfect solution that treats hardness and gives you 6 lakh litres of potable water at the same time.

3M™ SafeKitchen is a whole kitchen drinking water system that provides the home maker a Germ Free and Stain Free Kitchen throughout. Now you can Cook, Wash Vegetables and Clean Utensils with pure water from any tap in the kitchen.

Features & Benefits

The system provides 3 stages of filtration: Pre Filter Wrap (Removes all impurities above 5 Micron to protect inner membranes), Premium Pleated Membrane(Removes 99.99% bacteria and cysts with minimal pressure drop, includes superior particulate-holding capabilities), Premium Carbon Block (Pre-Activated Carbon Block uses catalysis to remove chlorine taste and odour)


Patented Sanitary Quick Change Mechanism helps change cartridge in 10 seconds.


NSF and/FDA CFR-21 Compliant Materials used throughout.