About the 3M™ RO Drinking Water System 

The smart and ultra-thin under-the-sink RO water purifier by 3M ensures low water wastage as compared to ordinary RO purifiers. It comes with an individual cartridge life monitor and DIY cartridge change, eliminating the need for any additional maintenance contracts for cartridge change

This one of a kind, tankless technology ensures no bacteria growth in the water you drink. The product comes with a 3 stage comprehensive purification :

1. Pleated Membrane Filter with Compressed Activated Carbon – A highly efficient filtering system with multiplied surface area ensures removal of all contaminants and Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs) such as carbon tetrachloride and chloroform. This product ensures higher RO life preventing frequent fouling of RO Membrane.
2. Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter: The RO Membrane filter ensures removal of heavy metals and other contaminants, theerby reducing the TDS to ensure water purity and taste.
3. Compressed Activated Carbon Core: The fully optimized carbon core filtering ensures removal of all residual chlorine taste and odour to improve the taste of the water.

This unique tankless, no storage RO ensures no bacteria growth in the purified water, giving you water directly from the tap. This Ultra-Thin Design comes with individual cartridge monitor and simple cartridge change that allows you to change the cartridge like a light bulb.


Features & Benefits

The 3M RO Drinking Water System is a smart tankless technology thereby preventing the growth of secondary bacteria. This water purifier also comes with varous benefits that make it the best fit for your modern homes:

1. Low Water Wastage: The 3M RO Drinking Water Purifier ensures maximum 50% wastage of input water, as compared to other Ro purifiers that waste upto 75% of the input water.

2. No additional maintenance contract Required: Would you have an AMC to change the bulb? 3M RO uses a simple sanitary quick mechanism to ensure you can change the filter like you change a bulb. Then why pay additionally for a maintenance contract?

3. Individual Filter Monitor: Wondering how often to change the filter? Get complete transparency through the individual cartridge monitor that signals you when you need to change a specific filter. Now, you needn’t change all the filters unnecesarily.

4. Ultra-thin Design – Unlike the ROs you see, this is a sleek and thin product with


The 3M RO Drinking Water System works with a highly efficient 3 stage purification to give you absolute purity. The 3   stages put together eliminate not just bacteria and chlorine, but also heavy metals such as Lead, Arsenic,                Cadmium,Chromium and Hexavalent Chromium as well from the water you drink. It even removes VOCs suchas  Carbon Tetrachlorine and Chloroform!

Stage 1: Pleated Membrane Filter with Compressed Activated Carbon
Highly efficient filtering with multiplied surface area, it removes all contaminants and VOCs. Thus, it ensures a longer     life for your RO Membrane reducing the frequency of cartridge change

Stage 2: Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter
High quality RO Diaphragm ensures high efficiency contaminant removal ensuring that heavy metals like Lead,               Arsenic, Carbon Tetrachlorine and Chloroform are also removed from the same.

Stage 3: Compressed Activated Carbon Core
Fully optimized carbon core filtering ensures removal of chlorine odour and taste improvement to ensure you get tasty     thirst-quenching water always!