About the 3M™ Whole House Chlorine Removal System

It removes the chlorine taste and odour from your water to give you better quality water throughout the house. It is perfect solution to bad looking and bad tasting water.

3M™ Chlorine Removal System is a whole house water filtration system which provides multiple benefits in one system – Chlorine Removal, Filtration and Scale Prevention. Installed at the entry of the house, it provides quality water throughout the house, without any electricity consumption and any water wastage.

Depending on the additional problems in water, there are 2 types of solutions – AP904(3-in-1 Action of Scale Prevention, Chlorine Removal and Filtration) and AP802+AP817-2 (2-in-1 Action of Chlorine Removal and Filtration)

Features & Benefits

The systems are made specifically for chlorine removal. They additionally solve problems such as Sedimentation and Hardness as well.
AP904 – High Flow Sanitary Quick Change Mechanism helps in easy cartridge change.
AP802 – Large Diameter heavy duty housing systems with pressure relief button helps manage high water flow rates.

Corrosion Resistant

NPT 304 Stainless Steel Head helps provide corrosion resistance and long life.

FDA Approved

manufactured from FDR-CFR-21 Compliant material.

NSF Certified

Tested and Certified by NSF.

Pressure Relief Button

Helps avoid pressure buildup.